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Heat shrinkable color film for cluster packaging

1. Heat shrinkable film series for PE cluster packaging; surface printing technology, using surface printing technology, is different from other printing methods Special process is used to avoid ink discoloration to a great extent (condensation caused by condensation during packaging of finished products will affect the firmness of the ink), and avoid printing pattern smearing caused by friction during transportation damage. More stable clamping force (the raw material is metallocene, and the molecular structure of the net makes it completely different from the long-chain molecular structure of ordinary PE. After the packaging film shrinks and molds, the clamping force is more excellent and stable.) Achieve heat shrinkable film products with high requirements such as anti-condensation water, high-temperature heat resistance, sebum resistance, high-strength friction resistance, etc .;

2. Heat shrinkable film series for PE cluster packaging; the inner printing process can realize multi-layer full-page printing without cracking; sebum-resistant and high-strength friction-resistant heat shrinkable film products;

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