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Photo of the Day | Helping the construction of ecological civilization, unions in action! Beautiful Factory (41) —— Zhejiang BILI Polymer Technology Co., Ltd.

Editor:浙江比例聚合科技股份有限公司 │ Release Time:2019-11-08 

At present, Jiaxing is steadily advancing high-quality development, and beauty has a new meaning in the context of a new era. Ecological civilization is an important content of beauty.

To help the construction of ecological civilization, trade unions are in action. In recent years, the Jiaxing Federation of Trade Unions has launched a "beautiful factory district" creation activity in the city's union system, mobilizing the majority of employees in the city to actively participate in the construction of high-quality beautiful Jiaxing.

In 2016, around the work of the entire city center, the special action of "creating beautiful factory areas (enterprises), building happy workshops, and being civilized workers" was launched. In 2019, the city general issued the "Implementation Opinions on Carrying out the" Million Staff Green Peer "Action to Help Jiaxing Build an Ecological Civilization Demonstration City" to comprehensively deepen the establishment of "beautiful factory areas" and take the implementation of the "hundred thousand" demonstration project as the starting point. , To further promote the creation of actions to expand the scope and quality, and fully promote the establishment of ecological civilization demonstration city and the construction of beautiful Jiaxing. In this process, the city always selected 10 "beautiful factory building demonstration units" and 10 "beautiful factory building excellent units" every year, and batch by batch of Jiaxing enterprises have achieved new heights.

The establishment of the "beautiful factory area" is an effective grasp of the union around the center, service employees, and service enterprises. It is an intuitive reflection of the promotion of corporate employee culture, green development, and harmonious labor relations. Endogenous driving force, contributes to the high-quality development of Jiaxing!

Today, the Jiaxing Trade Union "a scene of the day | help the construction of ecological civilization, the union is in action!" Beautiful Factory (Part 41) focuses on the top ten "Beauty Factory Building Demonstration Units" in Zhejiang Jiaxing in 2019-Zhejiang BILI Polymer Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang BILI Polymer Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Pinghu City. It is a provincial high-tech enterprise that develops, produces and sells dairy packaging, bottled drinking water packaging and other products.

The company set up special funds to build its corporate image. The factory area has fashionable buildings and fresh environment, and has landscapes such as metasequoia forest, wooden houses and fountain pools. Regularly repair the plant and maintain greening, the greening rate reaches 40%. The workshop implements 6S management and uses intelligent equipment such as automatic assembly lines and quality inspection machines to reduce the labor intensity of employees.

The labor union has set up a staff leisure area in the workshop to provide various types of tea and beverages for employees to take a break from work; set up a "BILI School" to lead employees to continue reading and charging to improve their overall quality; edit and issue the "Corporate Culture Learning Manual", Organize employees to carry out learning. Advocating a “civilized production and happy work” staff culture, and shaping a “BILI team” that is civilized, polite and energetic.